Gratitude Prosperity Coin

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About the prosperity coin:

To be truly prosperous in any aspect of your life such as sense of well-being, health, wealth, and relationships you must first be grateful for what you already have and are.

A brief moment in the morning or during the day is all it takes for the THE PROSPERITY COIN to remind you to be grateful.  The words and symbols shows you ways to be thankful on one side, and prosperous on the other.    Carry it with you in person or leave in a prominent position in your home or office.    It will inspire you to develop a spirit of gratitude.  A great way to lift your mood for the day ahead.  

A small change such as practising gratitude daily can be life changing.


What you get:

A beautifully finished high quality coin in silver and gold colour with black velvet pouch in a tasteful classic display box, with pouch and box carrying the prosperity logo.   A separate brochure outlines the principles underpinning the coin, outlined below. 

The coin has symbols and words precisely engraved on each side (as detailed below).

The coin is solid, weighs 7.7g and is 2.5cm in diameter.  The pouch is 4cm x 5.5cm.   The box is 12.5cm x12.5cm square x 2.3cm in height.   

Prosperity and Gratitude - two sides of the same coin.


The symbols on the prosperity coin explained:

The gratitude symbol is Tibetan in origin.
It means thankfulness, counting your blessings.
It reminds us to notice simple pleasures and
to acknowledge everything that is good.

A tree is the symbol of immense and enduring strength.
With its body rooted in the earth, and its crown reaching for the sky. It is also symbolic of life and growth.

A tree rich in leaves symbolises wealth and abundance.

The words on the prosperity coin explained:  


Recognise all that there is to be grateful for, including the little things.  doing this will transform how you feel.

When someone does something for you, let them know.  Say thank you.

Show your approval and appreciation.  Whenever possible, compliment or praise. 

When you smile, you lift your mood, and that of others.   "When you're smiling the whole world smiles with you".

Take delight in the moment.  Let the future take care of itself.  




Your Achieve your goals.

You keep developing and expanding yourself.

You have a sense that there is plenty for everyone, including you.

You multiply, enlarge, strengthen and enhance.

EASE                                                                                                                                       You enjoy calmness of mind